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The Côte à Côte Blog By Sylvie B BLOG

Welcome to my blog ! ​


I will talk to you here, a lot about interior decoration. I will give you decorating tips, and I will explain to you how to integrate wax and its colors into your decoration, in a soft and natural way... You will learn how to integrate it into your interior decoration to bring the right touch of color to your life daily.


Because Wax is not necessarily colors that sting the eyes ! ​


I will also tell you a little about my African memories, my favorite cooking recipes, the majestic nature of this continent and the beauty of colorful wax fabrics.


​ Of course, how can we talk about Africa without mentioning wax fabrics? I will introduce you to the fascinating history of these fabrics, the traditional manufacturing techniques and the unique patterns that tell stories rich in symbolism. ​ ​


I wish you good discoveries!


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