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Bed linen with cheerful and colorful touches of Wax

Let yourself be transported to the land of soft and colorful dreams with my tenderly colored household linen items.


Discover my bed linen collection, where each piece is carefully designed to bring comfort and style to your sleep space.


What makes my bed linen unique ? These are the subtle touches of wax, which bring a touch of originality without being too pronounced, which makes them perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere... All combined with a cotton fabric so soft and comfortable that it is a a real delight to slip into your bed ! ​


Each of my pieces is made with passion, with meticulous attention to detail and they are unique pieces.


The delicate patterns of the wax blend harmoniously with the cotton which makes up the rest of the sheet set, to create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom. ​   


My bed linen is not only functional, it is also a style statement.

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