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Soft and tenderly colored blankets

Discover my collection of throws, soft and warm pieces made with high quality fleece and embellished with wax fabric.


Each of my throws is a perfect combination of comfort and style, carefully created to provide an exceptional experience.


​ What makes my throws unique is the combination of the softness of fleece with the vibrant patterns of wax. These two materials combine harmoniously to provide you with the warmth and comfort you need, while adding a touch of originality to your space.


​ My throws are not only soft and practical, they are also a statement of your style. The colorful wax patterns add an artistic touch to your decoration while creating a warm atmosphere.


Wrap yourself in the comfort of fleece while adding a soft and bright dimension to your space.

Treat yourself to warmth and elegance with my one-of-a-kind throws. ​


You can complete the decoration of your living room with my cushions and wax tissue box cases.

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