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Plant pots or storage baskets

Enhance your indoor plants and fall for my wax plant pots with African patterns and happy colors. ​


They are made with natural burlap and wax fabric. But that's not all ! The bottom is completely waterproof thanks to a coated canvas... No more water overflowing and dripping onto the furniture below ! Water your plants with complete peace of mind and no longer worry about stains on your furniture !


My natural burlap planters offer a stylish way to showcase your houseplants. The colorful patterns of the wax fabric combined with the natural texture of the burlap create a remarkable visual harmony. Your plants will be tastefully highlighted. ​


My burlap and wax fabric baskets are both practical and aesthetic.


They are also perfect for storing your objects in an organized manner while adding an African touch to your interior decoration. Whether you use them to store magazines, toys or for any other use, these baskets bring originality to your space.

They will definitely find a place in your home ! ​


Discover the elegance of natural burlap combined with the bold patterns of wax fabric in our collection of planters and baskets. Give your home a hint of Africa while enjoying the utility of these versatile accessories.


I make them in different sizes. So you choose the one that suits you. And I also leave you the choice of fabrics and colors, for a creation truly suited to your tastes and needs. ​


You can match them with my handmade wax cushion covers!

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