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Side by Side By Sylvie B,

It is above all tailor-made creations

Do you want to give or treat yourself to a personalized handmade gift ? 🎁 ​


Do you like the quality of craftsmanship and want to offer useful personalized gifts that won't end up in the back of a cupboard ?


Handmade home accessories, respecting quality. Wax accessories in vibrant colors and patterns, to offer maximum positive vibes and joy.


​ Let me know your desires, we will discuss them and together design the unique artisanal creation you are thinking of.


Take the opportunity to give free rein to your imagination!

Discover the latest personalized projects

What can be made tailored ?

Pretty much whatever you want 😊 ​

A magnificent and unique personalized wedding gift : Made with a meaningful fabric, like the wedding flower or the swallow.


Are you looking for an original, handmade birth gift in France ? I make for you, as if it were for me! I made cozy and warm personalized sleeping bags, for unique birth gifts.


​ I also make dry hot water bottles, with flax seeds. To reheat in the microwave. With truly personalized embroidered messages, to let loved ones know that we are thinking of them. These hot water bottles are ideal for personalized gifts for your lover, for mom, for grandma, for your best friend... ​


Are you looking for an embroidered bath towel service 🛁, with the pattern or message you want ? I can make it for you 😊


​ I also personalize well-being accessories, to take care of yourself ❤️: hair dryer towels, treatment headband, personalized burlap basket and makeup remover wipes... ​


Are you looking for a handmade decorative fabric accessory ? Like tissue box covers, embroidered cushion covers, original plant pots adapted to your interior ?

You can also find this at Côte à Côte By Sylvie B ! 

Choose your fabric and colors

I mainly work with  cotton canvas, or Wax fabric.

But I can totally make with any other fabric of your choice.

Let's talk about it ! 😊

Get a quote

Thank you for what you sent !

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