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Cheerful and colorful cushion covers

Succumb to the charm of my custom-made handmade cushion covers ! Each piece combines creativity and know-how, to offer you comfort and style. Transform your space with original cushions full of character !


What makes them special ?... It's the harmonious marriage of wax fabric with vibrant patterns with other materials such as linen, fleece or velvet. This mix of textures and styles brings a contemporary touch to your decoration. ​


My cushions are not simply decorative objects, they are elements that reflect your personality and your style. Colorful wax patterns add a touch of vitality to your space, while contemporary fabrics offer comfort and softness.


These cushions are perfect for giving your favorite sofa, bed or armchair a fresh look. ​ And you can match them to my planters, storage baskets or my throws, for a completely incredible, and totally cozy look !

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