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How was Côte à Côte by Sylvie B born?

Sylvie Bourgain, creator of Côte à Côte By Sylvie B, wax accessories and interior decoration objects

I am Sylvie, the creator of Côte à Côte By Sylvie B. ​ 


My passion is sewing !


I love working with my hands, imagining and creating objects... ​


My grandmother was a costume designer, I learned to sew with my mother and I have been sewing for so long that you could say I fell into it when I was little !


As a little girl, I already made and imagined dresses and accessories for my dolls.


​ Before, I was a computer engineer: but that was before !


In 2009: I left IT to create my own micro-business:

 Côte à Côte By Sylvie B

Why work with Wax fabrics?

🤗I love colorful Wax fabrics! For the power of colors, for the multitudes of patterns, for the joy and cheerfulness they bring... ​


Let me tell you a little story :


I was born in Africa, I spent most of my childhood in Ivory Coast. The shimmering colors and vibrant patterns of wax fabrics are my childhood !

When I left my country of birth to continue my studies in France, I wanted to bring an ethnic and colorful touch to my interior, but in a subtle and balanced way. I wanted to create an atmosphere that reminded me of Africa, while remaining true to my lifestyle in France.


Many people use wax fabrics to make beautiful clothes, but few think about incorporating them into their home decor.


This is how my idea was born ! I decided to create the decorative accessories I wanted myself !


This is how my unique creations were born, combining the authenticity of wax fabrics with a contemporary aesthetic. ​


I pay particular attention to the quality of materials and respect for artisanal techniques, while adding my personal touch to create unique decorative items, both elegant and authentic. ​


My brand highlights the aesthetics, graphic patterns and vibrant colors of wax. ​


Share and transmit :

My accessories and decorative items in wax will send you positive waves thanks to the richness of the colors and patterns of African fabrics. ​

Today, I share my creations with you, so that you can also bring the right touch of good humor and color to your interior. Whether through my cushions with vibrant patterns, my unique tablecloths or my original decorative objects, I am convinced that you will find pieces that will brighten up your interior while respecting your own style ! ​

I transmit to you the joy of living and the sun of Africa🌞, through unique, personalized artisanal creations, with soft and natural materials.


​ By using my creations with vibrant patterns and colors, you will bring a touch of happiness and cheerfulness to your daily life.

Why   Côte à Côte By Sylvie B?

Côte à Côte by Sylvie B , Side by Side, for :

Ivory Coast, in West Africa, the country of my childhood, the onewhere I grew up, the one that is in my heart 💗​

Côte d’Azur, France, the region where I have lived for 30 years. ​


Side by Side By Sylvie B is :

The bridge between my 2 “At home”☀️

The way for me to share with you my passion for the joyful and colorful wax fabrics from there 🌈.

My way of bringing home the joy of living and the sun of Africa🌴🌸 ​


For my craft creations, I use fabrics from there (Wax) for useful and cheerful home accessories, in a chic, graphic and colorful ethnic style.


So you will find, in my creations, a little from there 💗, and a little from here.💖

pot covers in burlap and African wax fabric, handmade in France, personalized textile decoration cote a cote by sylvie b

 Côte à Côte By Sylvie B, what is it?

storage basket in natural burlap and personalized embroidered wax made in France ethnic interior decoration item cote a cote by sylvie b

Wax accessories and interior decoration items ​


These are artisanal wax textile creations, practical and customizable, which you can use on a daily basis, to bring cheerfulness and softness into your life.


Accessories with unique, lively and expressive designs and a palette of bold colors and graphic patterns.


Accessories for yourself or chic ethnic interior decoration items.

So that my creations correspond exactly to what you want, you have the choice:

  • fabrics

  • colours

  • and embroidery (if you want one)

My values


I love nature, softness, calm and colors 🌈.


I create with soft and natural materials (for comfort and durability over time).


I use sustainable materials, which I buy myself on the markets in Ivory Coast, so I am committed to practices that respect the environment and fair trade.


​ I would like to share with you the values ​​that are dear to me, such as handmade, authenticity, trust and kindness.


I want you to discover the quality and authenticity of artisanal know-how.

hats and beach bag in African wax fabric handmade in France tailor-made cote a cote by sylvie b
Quilted computer tablet pouch personalized in African wax handmade in France side by side by sylvie b

Deco for the House

well-being accessories

Table cloth

Bath linen

Bags and Pouches

Beach towels 

Hats and Bobs 

And so many other pretty things...

I help you create personalized accessories that are really adapted to your needs.

Let's talk it  together😊


For gifts that really make sense!🎁


facial care accessories in sponge, personalized and African wax side by side by sylvie b
tissue box case in wax African fabric handmade in France side by side by sylvie b chic ethnic interior decoration

Origin of my wax fabrics

Ivorian wax fabrics African wax cote a cote by sylvie b fair trade wax accessories

I like to choose and buy my wax fabrics myself, in the markets near my home, in Ivory Coast.


The pleasure of seeing all these colors, all these smiles, smelling all these smells...


This is my way of supporting the local economy and the women of my village 💗


I therefore have an ethical and fair trade approach.

african market ivory coast side by side by sylvie b - fair trade
African market Ivory Coast African wax fabric side by side by Sylvie B interior decoration items artisanal creations ethical trade
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