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Personalized Storage Baskets

For a colorful and tidy decoration, I imagined and designed these storage baskets. ​


What makes my storage baskets special? It is the possibility of personalizing them thanks to machine embroidery. You have the power to make each basket unique by adding a name, a quote or a motif that is close to your heart. It's a way to create a basket that suits you. ​


These storage baskets are made with burlap and cheerful and bright wax fabric. So that tidying up becomes a pleasure and puts us in a good mood !


These are unique pieces designed to add a touch of originality and authenticity to your space, since each of my baskets is created with care, to order. ​


The vibrant patterns of wax blend perfectly with the rusticity of burlap, creating a balance between tradition and modernity.


These baskets are perfect for organizing your space while adding an artistic touch. ​


Adopt a unique and personalized storage solution. Organize your space in style with my one-of-a-kind baskets. ​


You can match these storage baskets with cushions, or plant pots, or matching tissue box cases.

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