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Well-being and Hot Water Bottles 

🤗 Pamper yourself with my hand-made well-being accessories, in African wax fabrics with vibrant colors and patterns.

Immerse yourself in a cocoon of softness and warmth with my hot water bottles and their faux fur cover, hot water bottles customizable with machine embroidery. ​


Relax in a good mood and treat yourself to a delicious facial treatment with the gentle make-up remover wipes and my vitamin-rich treatment headbands ! ​


Treat yourself to comforting warmth with my dry hot water bottles with natural organic rice grains.


Experience artisanal well-being, where each piece is created with love and dedication to offer you a touch of voluptuousness and authenticity in your daily life. ​


🎁 To make personalized gifts that are meaningful and useful! And which certainly won't stay in a cupboard !

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