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Delicately colored table linen, for sunny meals

Table linen is also part of interior decoration.... This is why I wanted to create beautiful tablecloths with noble materials like natural linen. I like the natural side of linen, and its robustness makes it an ideal material for making table linens, which will often be machine washed.


Discover my linen and delicately colored wax tablecloths, pieces that will bring subtle elegance to your table.


Each of my tablecloths is made with meticulous attention to detail and are unique pieces. They are subtly decorated with wax fabric patterns for just the right touch of color and originality. ​


What makes my tablecloths unique ? these are the delicate patterns of the wax which blend harmoniously into the soft and natural texture of the linen. These ornaments bring a note of authenticity to every meal, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. ​


My linen tablecloths are not only functional, they are also a style statement. Subtle touches of wax add an artistic dimension to your table without being too showy, creating an environment conducive to good times. ​


Treat yourself to the luxury of an elegant and warm table thanks to my linen tablecloths decorated with wax. ​


You can harmonize your interior decoration with my wax cushions, my plant pots, my storage baskets or my throws.

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