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Dive into the trend: The growing influence of African textiles, as wax fabric, in our modern interiors

Hello decolovers !

Today, we are going to delve into a trend that is increasingly coloring our interiors: the growing influence of African textiles, such as the famous wax fabric, in our modern decors.

Hang in there, it’s going to be colorful !

Wax fabric : An Explosion of Colors and Patterns

First, what is wax fabric ? For those who don't yet know this textile gem, wax fabric is a cotton fabric with bright and colorful patterns, often associated with West Africa.

His particuliarity ? ...

Colorful, geometric, floral patterns, and sometimes even symbolic representations that make each piece a work of art in its own right.

wax blue "wedding flowers" - blog coteacotebysylvieb
wax blue "wedding flowers"

The best known of all, at the moment, is the famous “Wedding Flowers” ​​wax fabric.

This fabric is widely used and we see pretty creations using it popping up everywhere !

So, why this rush towards African textiles in our contemporary interiors ? ...

Well, for several reasons...

A Touch of Liveliness in our Interiors

First of all, wax fabric brings an instant dose of liveliness and warmth to any room.

I personally noticed this by adding a few wax cushions to my chocolate brown sofa.

They completely transformed the ambiance of my living room, giving it an exotic and warm touch.

A Meaningful Cultural Connection

Then there is this idea of ​​cultural connection...

African textiles carry within them stories, traditions, and a cultural richness that transcends borders.

Incorporating wax fabric into our decor is a bit like inviting a piece of this history into your home.

I love telling my guests the origin of my wax creations, it always sparks interesting and enriching conversations.

Some wax fabrics also have meanings that are interesting to know when using them...

Like this famous “wedding flower” wax fabric, which has a very specific meaning and value !... Do you know it ? ....

Good ! This will be the subject of one of my next Blog articles... Ohlala ! So much to say about Wax !!! 🤗

Bogolan, or bògòlanfini in Bambara, is a Malian fabric dyed using a technique used in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Senegal. It refers to both the fabric and a particular style of dyeing.

The word bɔgɔlan comes from the words bɔgɔ (earth) and lan (Bambara suffix meaning “made from”), which literally means “made with mud”.

From Traditional to Modern: Wax in the Contemporary Era

But that's not all !

Wax fabric is also a symbol of modernity and creativity.

Many designers and decorators are taking advantage of this traditional fabric to create unique and contemporary pieces, thus combining tradition and modernity brilliantly.

Among them, you have:

Dior, Christian Louboutin, Isabel Marant, Oumou Sy, Babacar Mbaye Diop and many others...

For my part, I take advantage of the contrast between the traditional patterns of wax fabrics and the textures of contemporary fabrics (such as velvet, linen or woven cotton canvas): the result is simply striking !

Integrate Wax into your Interior : Practical Advice

So, how can you integrate wax into your interior without going too much ?.... Because, personally, I don't really like the "total wax" look...

I recommend starting with small touches : a cushion here, a throw there, or even placemats for a touch of color at the table.

Wax patchwork duvet cover - CoteacotebysylvieB
Wax patchwork duvet cover

Personally, I dared to mix and match by combining my wax pieces with more neutral elements for a subtle and harmonious balance.

Like this set of sheets, which I made in wax patchwork. The contrast with the modernity and neutral colors of the bed is just perfect !

Discover Unique Wax items

If you are convinced by this trend and are looking for unique wax pieces for your interior, I have something for you !

Visit my online store, where you will find a colorful selection of decorative accessories in African wax fabric, perfect for bringing a vibrant and contemporary touch to your home.

Go ahead, let yourself be tempted by the magic of wax !


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