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6 secrets for harmoniously combining wax patterns with other textiles in your interior - Decorating tips

Wax fabrics are renowned for their vibrant patterns and vibrant colors, making them essential elements for interior decoration full of life and personality.

However, combining these bold patterns with other textiles can sometimes seem like a challenge.

In this article, I reveal my 6 secrets to creating visual harmony by integrating wax patterns with other textiles in your living space.

Check out these clever decorating tips !

1.Choose a consistent color palette :

Before you start mixing textiles, determine a cohesive color palette, which will serve as a common thread in your interior design.

Select colors present in wax patterns and look for complementary textiles in these same shades.

2. Play with pattern scales :

To avoid visual overload, opt for different pattern scales.

For example: combine a large wax pattern with a plain or smaller patterned textile to create a harmonious visual balance.

3. Mix textures :

Vary the textures of textiles to add depth and richness to your decoration.

Combine wax patterns with textured textiles such as linen, velvet or cotton to create an interesting contrast.

4. Use plain textiles as a base :

Plain textiles serve as an ideal backdrop to highlight wax patterns.

Use them for curtains, rugs or sofas, and then add wax cushions or wax accessories, for a touch of color and dynamism.

5. Harmonize styles :

Make sure that the different textiles you choose complement the overall style of your interior design.

For example: if your decoration is modern, opt for contemporary textiles which complement the wax patterns in an elegant way.

6. Experiment with combinations :

Don't be afraid to experiment with different textile combinations.

Play with colors, patterns and textures, to create unique and personalized arrangements that reflect your personal style.

By applying my little secrets, you will be able to harmoniously combine wax patterns with other textiles in your interior, thus creating a welcoming, warm space full of character.

Give free rein to your creativity and have fun playing with the different possibilities to obtain a result that really suits you.

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