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A delicious little raw vegetable sauce for grilling: a little Ivorian recipe

Updated: Jan 26

This little Ivorian crudité sauce: I totally LOVE IT ! I reveal to you this simple and delicious Ivorian recipe.

Une délicieuse recette ivoirienne : la sauce crudité

It accompanies all kinds of grilled meats (beef, poultry, fish, lobsters, etc.) in Côte d'Ivoire, and our traditional Attieke (cassava semolina), the recipe of which I will reveal to you very soon !

une recette ivoirienne délicieuse pour accompagner les viandes

It is an ideal accompaniment for grilling and your meals this summer. It is light, fresh and above all very tasty! I really strongly recommend that you try it out !

West Indian Dog Sauce :

une recette ivoirienne : la sauce chien

It could be similar to the famous Chien Antillaise sauce, except that we add a typical African MAGIC ingredient, which really makes all the difference !

Recipe for Ivorian raw vegetables sauce :

Ingredients for a sauce for 6 people:

2 red onions 1 Cucumber 4 nice tomatoes Fresh coriander or parsley for those who prefer Salt Pepper Sunflower oil (or rapeseed) Wine vinegar (or cider)

l'ingrédient magique de cette recette ivoirienne : le cube maggi

The magic ingredient: the Maggi Etoile Cube! YOU KNOW ? If you can't find any, that's okay. This sauce is also delicious without... But I admit that the maggi cube gives it an incomparable taste !

Recipe : Cut the onions and tomatoes into thin slices. Cut the cucumber into very small dice. Finely chop the cilantro or parsley. Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl. Season with vinegar, oil, salt, pepper. Mix everything together, and crumble 2 star maggi cubes on top. Mix again. Chill a bit before eating.

dégustez cette bonne recette ivoirienne

Do you know this accompaniment ? Tell me, when you have tested it, how do you find it ?

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