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African Donuts Recipe: Gboflotos

Updated: Jan 26

Today, and since Mardi Gras is coming soon, I want to share with you a recipe for delicious African Donuts !

These donuts, which I ate after high school, are delicious!!! Bought from the street vendor, who had her little kitchen stand by the side of the road... A real treat for the eyes and taste buds!

It is the street-food par excellence in the country! They are so popular! Look how beautiful they are! 😎 They make you want, don't they?!... How not to crack!? Plus, they're super easy to make! Try ! And you will tell me about it!

They are found everywhere in Africa :

With different names, but they are the same delicious donuts! In Ivory Coast (where I come from), they are called: Gbofloto / "beautiful floats" In the Congo they are called Mikaté. In Cameroon: flour donuts or puff puff for the English-speaking part of Cameroon and therefore also in Nigeria. In Ghana: Bofrot In Benin: yovodoko ...


Gboflotos recipe :

Ingredients :
400 grams of flour 320 ml of lukewarm water approximately. Above all, do not exceed 350 ml of water, otherwise the dough will be too liquid. 1/2 cube of fresh yeast or 1 sachet of 7 grams of dry yeast 90-100 grams of sugar 1/2 tsp salt frying oil

Recipe : In a bowl, combine all the dry ingredients. Form a well, then pour the water little by little into the flour, stirring gradually and vigorously. The batter should be neither too runny nor too thick. Cover the dough well, so that the air cannot pass. Let the dough rest for 1 to 2 hours maximum so that it swells (doubles in volume). Then heat 1 liter of oil. Test if your oil is hot by first trying to fry 1 donut. If the donut rises directly to the surface, the oil is hot. Take a small amount of batter with your wet hands (or 2 tablespoons) and put it in the frying oil. Turn over during cooking, so that it is golden on all sides. Place the donuts on a sheet of paper towel to remove excess fat. Sprinkle with icing sugar or powdered sugar

Tell me in the comments if you have tried and how you find them!? ...

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