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Bobs and Soft Hats in African Wax

 👒Dare to show off your unique style with my soft hats and bobs in African wax, entirely handmade.


Each piece is a unique work, combining artisanal know-how with the unique beauty of wax !


✈️ Let these authentic creations take you on a vibrant visual journey of traditional colors and patterns. ​


But that's not all ! My wax hats also offer you incomparable practicality ! They can be machine washed, making them easier to maintain and extending their lifespan.


You no longer have to worry about stains or splashes, you can simply enjoy your favorite fashion accessory with complete peace of mind ! And that ! This is truly the MOST of these hats ! ​


Complete your outfit with a bold pop of color or add an exotic touch to your casual style with my wax hats.


Celebrate your individuality, embrace the originality of African wax and let these unique pieces transport you to new style horizons. ​


Choose your fabric and your size, I'll take care of the rest! Each model will be unique and made according to your desires.

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